The Pros and Cons of Common Types of Carpet Flooring in Arenac County MI

There are many options for Carpet Flooring in Arenac County MI, so it can be hard to decide on a particular type for your house. In reality, there is no single best carpet. Instead, the best solution is to choose two or even more kinds of carpets. This is because some types are better at handling wear, others are good for providing comfort, and still, others are great for providing a luxurious look.

Berber carpeting is a very durable type, but it also collects stains and is rough to the touch. Therefore, it’s good for areas that have high traffic but that won’t be walked on by people whose shoes are still dirty from outdoors. Hallways are a prime example of where this kind of Carpet Flooring in Arenac County MI does well. Entrance areas, on the other hand, are bad spots for Berber because of its uncanny ability to hold stains within its loops. There, try doormats, washable rugs, and tile floors.

Shag and semi-plush carpeting are great for family, living, and recreation rooms. It’s soft enough that walking on it in bare or stocking feet is enjoyable, and quality versions are dense enough to make flopping down on the floor to watch TV an enticing idea. Carpet cleaning, whether done with a rented machine or by a professional, is decently effective and can keep it looking good for years.

Saxony carpet is a plush carpet with fibers that are cut extremely evenly. It’s also very dense. While this may make it seem like it’d be a good carpet for laying on, that’s not really the case. The even fibers make it show every footprint and furniture drag mark. While this absolutely delights children, who’ll greatly enjoy making designs in it by walking around, it’s too much work to keep it looking nice in high-traffic areas. Restoring its even appearance requires vacuuming it, and hardly anyone wants to do that every day. Therefore, it’s best to save the Saxony for lounges or other areas that are only used for impressing guests. Contact Better Quality Carpets to know more about flooring. Call them at (248) 890-8886.