Three Common Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair in Surprise, AZ

Your brakes are certainly the most important safety feature on your vehicle. After all, the brakes are responsible for stopping your vehicle and keeping you safe from impacting the car or object in front of you! If your brakes are having issues, the potential for an accident increases dramatically. It’s best to take your car in for brake work as soon as possible before that minor repair or maintenance item becomes too unsafe and expensive. Keep an eye out for the following three signs you need brake repair in Surprise, AZ.

High-Pitched Noises

Are your brakes making a squealing or screeching sound when you come to a stop at a red light? This means the warning mechanism in the pads is telling you they are getting worn down. It will get louder and more consistent the more worn down the pads become.


A grinding noise when you come to stop indicates an issue with your brake rotors. Brake rotors are the circular discs on the side of your wheel that the pad presses up against when you apply the brakes. They create friction that actually stops the wheel. If your rotors are completely worn down, your car may not stop the next time you push the brake. Have rotor issues addressed immediately.

Your Car Is Pulling

If your car is pulling in one direction or the other when you come to stop, it usually means one brake pad is more worn down than the other. The best course of action in this instance is to have them both replaced, so the new pads are even.

Brake issues are nothing to wait around on. If you think your brakes need work, call the pros at Champs Family Automotive for brake repair in Surprise, AZ.