Three Customized Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Personal Touch

Does your home feel cold and uninviting? A beautiful interior design is great, but it’s the personal touches that turn a house into a home. Adding special items that celebrate your style and your family is a great way to boost your home’s warmth and coziness. From favorite photos and custom metal prints to handmade art, here are three ways to personalize your home decor.

Photos on Canvas

Canvas art is a popular way to deck your walls, so why not add a personal touch by having your favorite photos printed on canvas? Showcase your family members, beloved pets, travel memories or your own photography talents. Custom canvas prints are affordable and available both online and in stores.

Metal Prints

If canvas isn’t your speed, consider having best custom metal prints made from your photos. Metal prints add a trendy rustic look to your home and are more durable than canvas, which makes them the perfect choice for busy areas like entryways and garages. You can even display your metal prints outdoors on your porch or patio if they have been treated to prevent rust.

Homemade Artwork

Do you want to decorate your home with original art pieces but can’t afford gallery prices? Get crafty and make your own wall art at home for a few dollars. Have the kids help for custom artwork that’s both beautiful and memorable. You can also frame your kids’ favorite artwork and school projects.