Three Types of Pests Treated by Pest Control Services in Boynton Beach, Florida

Most people take great pride in their properties, whether they be residential or commercial. They spend a good amount of time and money both on the inside and the outside of the home or business to make sure it is maintained properly. Part of this property maintenance includes pest control. Three types of pests treated by Pest Control Services in Boynton Beach Florida are sod webworms, army cutworms, and mole crickets.

Sod Web-worms

One type of pest treated by a pest control company is the sod web-worm. This type of organism has a cream-colored body with spots along its back. Each spot has bristles coming out of it. Though this pest is only less than one inch in length, it can cause damage to a property’s lawn. The sod web-worm feeds on grass and other types of foliage which can lead to big bare or brown spots on the lawn.

Army Cutworms

The army cutworm is another type of pest treated by a pest control company. It is fairly small, measuring one to two inches in length, and its skin is smooth. It can be black, brown, green, or yellow in color, and it has stripes running down its sides. The army cutworm can cause damage in much the same way as the sod web-worm, by feeding on plants and grass. The result is a lawn with multiple brown patches.

Mole Crickets

The third type of pest treated by a pest control company is the mole cricket. This type of organism is brown in color and about one inch in length. It is unique and interesting in that its front legs are shaped like little spades. It uses these spake-like legs to burrow into the ground. It causes quite a bit of damage because it does not merely feed on the leaves of grass and plants. It feeds on the roots as well, leaving behind dead grass as well as raised burrows.

Above & Beyond Pest Control can provide Pest Control Services in Boynton Beach Florida. Their pest control professionals treat properties for a variety of pests, including sod web-worms, army cutworms, and mole crickets. Pest inspection and control are available for several different types of properties, such as residential houses, condos, apartments, and commercial properties. Visit the Facebook page today for more information.