Tongue Barbells – How to Wear a Barbell Safely

Tongue barbells are one of the most popular types of body piercing jewelry, next to the belly button rings. Even though tongue piercing is often considered risky, tongue jewelry is actually relatively safe since the tongue has a lower risk of bleeding, and the piercing can easily be stretched to accommodate larger pieces of jewelry. However, the type of tongue ring barbell you select can greatly affect the healing speed and safety. It is important to know the risks of wearing tongue ring barbells and how to avoid them. Below are a few tips on how to wear a barbell safely.

Start with a Long Piece: Longer barbells allow room for the initial swelling and minimize the discomfort. When the swelling subsides you can switch to a shorter piece to stop the bleeding. Once the piercing has completely healed, you can experiment with other shapes and sizes of tongue ring barbells.

Use Non-Allergenic Materials: Use only metal or quality metal-plated tongue piercing jewelry. Plastic can easily gather food and other substances that come into contact with a piercing. The best metals to use are 14k solid gold, titanium, sterling silver, and surgical stainless steel.

Keep it Small: Large jewels and long bars can cause frequent impact against your teeth. This can chip at the tooth enamel over time and increase the risk of damaging the tooth.

Shop at a Well-Established Body Jewelry Store

When you shop at a well-established body jewelry store like you can find a wide collection of quality tongue ring barbells at affordable prices. Whether you prefer titanium barbells or vibrating tongue barbells, you will find a jewelry piece that fits your specific style. The collection of tongue piercings offered helps you create your very own unique look.