Treadmill Desks Save Money While Creating a Healthier and Happier Office

The health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle are well documented; obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and mood disorders are all consequences of inactivity.

Employers also are aware that a sedentary lifestyle contributes not only to workers calling in sick, but also to health insurance costs. Unfortunately, many companies unknowingly contribute to the problem; when their employees sit at a desk for eight hours a day.

The good news is, treadmill desks can quickly solve the problem, while putting any company at the forefront of innovation. Instead of sitting all day, everyone in the office can get some exercise while they work. Not only will they become more active, but their attitude and emotional well-being will also improve.

Treadmill desk manufacturers can supply your office with any number of treadmill desks that your company needs. Also, the desks can be customized, with different desktop sizes and finishes. The ultra-quiet motors also won’t disrupt any phone consultations.

While you might be able to find treadmill desks at your local office furniture store, going directly to the treadmill desk manufacturers can save you money.

Surprisingly, walking desks also boost office productivity; walking beats fatigue, keeps people alert, and beats boredom. Adding treadmill desks to your office can make for a happier and lighter work environment.

While treadmill desks are not cheap, the ultimate cost savings are well worth it. Not only will your office be more productive and save on health care costs, but your employees will also be healthier, both physically and mentally.