Treating Estrogen Hormone Imbalance With Replacement Therapy in Glendale, AZ

The natural effects related to aging can greatly impact the overall feeling of health and wellbeing. Many of the basic bodily functions, including mood, immune system functionality and libido as well as appetite, are governed by naturally produced hormones. For women, these changes are significant and specific.

Treatment Addressing Estrogen Hormone Imbalances

A drop in estrogen production can result in such symptoms as mood swings, hot flashes, difficulty with sleeping, headaches, bone density loss, vaginal itching and dryness and issues related to sex. Estrogen hormone replacement therapy in Glendale, AZ is backed by statistical evidence that shows it as being an effective treatment for the above menopausal symptoms.

FDA-approved hormone therapy provides multiple options that are biochemically identical to hormones produced naturally in the body. Additional beneficial results of hormone replacement therapy can include reduced abdominal fat, help with weight loss, a reduction in BMI and an elevated metabolic rate, a key player in the potential slowing of weight gain.

Hormone Replacement Services

Natural estrogen hormone replacement therapy in Glendale, AZ, offers several imbalance treatment options. Routinely drawn and monitored labs and individually adjusted treatments address the unique symptoms and concerns, optimizing the patient’s vitality and health.

Each patient is treated individually, not according to numbers, while valuing the specific goals and concerns of each and assisting in maximizing personal potential. In this way, estrogen hormone replacement therapy in Glendale, AZ, can relieve common symptoms and achieve a better quality of life.