Tree Removal Techniques in Fountain Inn, SC

Tree removal techniques have been developed keeping in mind various tree types. Cutting a small tree is different than cutting a large one. Here are some basic techniques below, which are used for tree removal in Fountain Inn, SC.

The techniques involved in cutting 200 diameter trees are, scarf, hinge wood and back cut.

A cut known as a scarf: It’s a cut which determines the direction of tree felling, and the worker can choose the direction easily with it. Moreover with this cut the chances of splitting are less. This consists of two cuts, in which the first one is made at 45 degrees, whereas the second cut is straight, and in level with the upper cut. The first cut should cover one fourth of the tree’s diameter, and should be directed towards the fall.

A cut known as hinge wood: This cut covers one tenth of the diameter, the name is so because this part of the wood serves like a hinge, controlling the tree fall, and twisting in the wrong direction.

A back cut: A back cut is made to finally cut the tree, and it is done above the scarf level. This cut should be one tenth of the tree diameter, and for larger trees it can go up to 200 mm.

A large Tree Removal In Fountain Inn, SC is different, as quarter cutting is the technique being used for this purpose. To start with, an assessment is done about tree thickness, lean, or weight etc and a scarf is made in the trunk. Then a hinge wood is created after making a back cut, then the second part of the cut is made to the hinge.

During all these techniques, there are certain things that should be avoided like, the scarf should not be cut very deeply as it may cause a sudden fall of the tree. Similarly, if the back cut is done at the same level of the scarf, it will result in an accidental tree fall. Another fault can occur, if the back cut is too long, which can change the direction of the fall.

A tree having two directions: This can happen in some trees, and in that case the cutting becomes different. Such a tree has two parts which should be cut according to their lean, but this also depends on the dividing point. If the point is close to the ground then cutting becomes easy, as both the parts should be cut separately one after another. But, if the dividing point is at a certain height above the ground, and both the parts are vertical, then they should fall together, making the cut deep enough in both the parts.

Latest techniques: They include wire ropes, blocks, clamps, shackles, winches, back pulling, and tree driving. All these new techniques save a lot of time, as they give fast results. The companies working in Fountain Inn, SC use the latest as well as traditional techniques for tree removal. The selection of a certain technique is decided by an arborist after assessing the tree lean, weight, strength, shape and age as well. Whatever technique is used, it should be done professionally.

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