Understanding Sjgrens Disease: The Basics You Need to Know Now

Normally, your immune system is supposed to attack bacteria and viruses when you have an incoming infection. Sjgrens syndrome causes your system to do the opposite. This disease is autoimmune and causes your system to go after the healthy cells rather than the viruses that make you sick. The white blood cells that protect you from infection attack the glands in your body that are responsible for creating moisture. This prevents people from being able to produce saliva, tears, and moisture in their eyes.

What Causes Sjgrens Disease?

Unfortunately, professionals in the field have yet to figure out what causes this disease. It could be your genes or an infection that triggers the development and spread of the disease. Some people could have a defective gene that can be linked to the disease. Faulty genes can cause the white blood cells in your body to target the wrong things in your body, such as the moisture glands that help make tears.

Although there is no one cause of the disease that professionals have found yet, there has been data collected on the patients that have the disease. According to that data, you are more likely to have this disease if you are over 40, female, and already have other autoimmune issues. Most people with this disease already have common autoimmune diseases like lupus and arthritis.

Sjgrens Disease Symptoms

Some symptoms to look out for include dry mouth, dry eyes, dry throat, a change in smell and taste, skin rashes, and dry cough. Always remember to consult a professional to get a proper diagnosis first, and avoid self-diagnosing.

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