What Are the Essentials of a Good Urgent Care Clinic?

Once upon a time, you only had two options when it came to medical care. You could go to the emergency room, or you could schedule an appointment with your doctor. However, many conditions don’t fit into those boxes.

What if you are experiencing symptoms that are not necessarily immediately life-threatening, which would necessitate a trip to the emergency room, but are too painful, worrying or uncomfortable to wait several days for a doctor’s appointment?

Today, you can go to an urgent care clinic in Orange Park FL. However, you do need to make sure that you’re choosing the right facility. What should you look for? Here’s a quick rundown of the essentials to look for.


Like real estate, the mantra for finding an urgent care clinic begins with “location, location, location.” Specifically, you want to find a facility that is within easy reach of your home. The farther away the clinic is, the longer it will take to get there.


Illness and injury are no respecters of your schedule, or of “standard business hours.” You or your child could be injured or become ill at any time of the day or night, including on the weekends. Make sure that the urgent care clinic you choose is open during the evening and on the weekends.

Quality Care

It is vital that you receive the highest-quality care at any urgent care clinic you choose. Make certain that the medical professionals treating patients are credentialed. The staff should include nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, lab technicians, physicians, and pediatricians.

Treatment Options

Your urgent care clinic should be able to handle things like diagnosing colds and flu, treating minor cuts and burns, and the like. However, you should also look for additional services, such as massage therapy, treatment for headaches, treatment for chronic neck and back pain, and other essential options.

Ultimately, the right urgent care clinic can provide you with treatment for a very wide range of non-emergency situations, whether you or your child are feeling under the weather, or you have been involved in an auto accident but have not suffered injuries that require emergency treatment. It is essential that you make an informed decision, though.

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