What Can a General Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO Do?

When you hire a General Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, it is essential that you select someone who can meet not just your basic dental needs, but the majority of your dental needs. A general dentist will typically service a very diverse set of patients from all age groups. This article will share a bit about general dentists, who they are, and how they can help you with your oral health care.

Your general dentist will usually be the person you visit for a checkup. Most dentists today recommend that you have checkups two times a year, but this can vary based upon your particular circumstances. During your checkup, your general dentist in Colorado Springs, CO will do a complete visual exam and will look for any problems with your teeth and gums. Your dentist may notice an area that warrants a closer look, which will usually mean that you will need to have mouth x-rays taken. Your general dentist can do the mouth x-rays right there in the office and it will take only a few minutes. The x-rays can more clearly reveal existing issues like cavities or emerging issues with the teeth structure and the root structure.

The General Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO will also be performing your dental cleaning. It is typically recommended that you have dental cleanings at least once per year, perhaps twice depending on your needs. The dental cleaning will use professional dental cleaning tools to remove plaque and tartar. The dentist will apply a high-grade fluoride toothpaste and will apply a dental rinse as well. Following the cleaning, your dentist will gently polish the teeth so that they look their shiny best.

Your dentist can perform a number of procedures related to oral wellness, including cavity fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, root work, gum work, and cosmetic dental work. Some of the more advanced dental surgeries may even be performed in the office of your general dentist, but this depends on his specific training. If you need surgery like a root canal or wisdom teeth removal, your general dentist may send you to an oral surgeon who works exclusively in dental surgeries.

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