What Is So Special About Some of the Gorgeous Scandinavian-Style Chairs?

Many people love the sleeker clean lines that distinguish Nordic design furniture styles from all the rest. What is it exactly about some of the gorgeous Scandinavian-style chairs that have become wildly popular in the last few decades?

Scandinavian Chairs Use Natural Materials & Nature Hues

It is rather common for Scandinavian-styled chairs to be made of natural materials and finished with nature-inspired colors. A neat trick that furniture designers from the Nordic countries use is the addition of a design element that makes the chair not only stylish and modern, it adds that comfort factor no better Scandinavian chair goes without.

Common Materials Inspired by Nature Found in Scandinavian Chairs

As there are many areas of the beautiful and rustic Nordic countries that boast lots of forestlands, the Scandinavian chairs of old were usually fashioned from authentic types of wood found naturally in the region. Later, Nordic chair designers included various composites and plastic resins as part of their material inventory. Other materials include various metals, luxurious fabrics in plump upholstery, wicker and rattan, driftwood and more.

Names of Some Famous Scandinavian Chair Design Models

Many chair designers from the upper northern regions of the world have made their imprint on today’s modern and contemporary furniture design styles. Some common chair designs include Elephant, Domus, Lily, Drop, Denmen, Piano, Laurel, Nomad and some other chair models through the centuries. There is both a luxurious look and feel to Scandinavian-style chairs along with comfort features and crisp frames.