When Offset Printing Is Best

Digital printing has become so popular in today’s world for both business and personal printing needs. However, there remains very clear advantages and needs for offset printing and it is helpful to understand what set of circumstances make offset printing in Atlanta, GA the way that you should go. In general, the advantages or reasons to use offset printing methods instead of digital printing methods can be summed up in one word—big. Big runs, big format and big impact are the key benefits of offset printing.

Digital printing has become popular largely for jobs with small quantities. If you need to print a large number of items, you should strongly consider offset printing. When you consider that some mailings are produced in batches of 50,000 or more, you can begin to understand the efficiencies of the larger presses. However, some offset printing in Atlanta, GA can even produce cost benefits for runs as small as 1,000 depending upon the other specifications for the project. The size and shape of a final printed piece will have a large impact on which press and method is right for you. For example, if you have a document that will need to be 27” x 36” when finished, you will want to look at having it printed on a 40” press and that would mean an offset press as most digital presses are much smaller than that (the average digital press can only accommodate a paper sheet of 18” x 12”). This would be the case no matter what your quantity or run for the job would be as the digital press simply could not accommodate the larger paper roll size.

When you are considering the use of either Offset Printing In Atlanta, GA, you will want to accurately identify the level of impact you need from your finished piece. Offset printing presses can produce full PMS colors with glosses or dull varnishes and even added texture for a level of brilliance and impact overall that is really not able to be matched by even the best digital press at the end of the day. Another bonus is that more than one offset press heads can be used on the same job to create the appearance of an unlimited array of printing techniques and colors.

While certainly cost is a factor, it is also important to remember that your cost per unit goes down dramatically with offset printing in Atlanta, GA as your quantities go up. This can make a huge difference for you on the really large run jobs. When you really need it, you can get the best quality and good price on offset printing.