When To Call For Tree Care Services In Marietta GA

If you live in or near Marietta, GA, your yard is probably home to several different types of trees. These can be trees that are native to the state, or they may be trees that have been selected as non-native varieties that still thrive in this area.

For new homes, or when landscaping around older homes, having a tree care service involved in the process of both removing old trees and planting new trees can be both a time and cost saving consideration. A top rated tree company in Marietta GA has the expertise and experience to assist in all aspects of landscaping through to tree maintenance and pruning.

Existing Trees

It is also common for older trees on residential and commercial properties in Marietta GA, to experience problems. These problems could be due to lack of nutrients or water, problems with insects or disease, or even winter and summer storm damage. In these situations, a tree care service can assess the issue and make recommendations to the property owner to save the tree if possible.

Signs of problems with trees can include leaves that fail to develop or that fall off the tree, broken limbs, signs of damage to the bark, mold or discoloration on the tree limbs or trunk or signs of insects on any part of the tree.

The longer problems exist with the trees, even with mature trees, the more significant the damage to the tree becomes. As the disease progresses or the insect infestation gets worse, the tree becomes increasingly harmed, which can result in the death of the tree.

However, identifying the issue in a timely fashion allows for an arborist to treat the issue before it becomes life-threatening for the tree. This is also an important consideration when it comes to the pricing of the services, as early intervention with these problems is less labor intensive and less costly.