Where to Find an Excellent & Knowledgeable Lemon Law Attorney in Illinois

Every year, thousands of unsuspecting used car owners buy their vehicles from private citizens or small fly-by-night car services. Some of these used cars will be misrepresented to the prospective buyers looking for a nice ride without the steep price tag. Oftentimes, problems with the vehicle will not show up right away. Learn where to find an excellent and knowledgeable Lemon Law attorney in Illinois.

What Is a Lemon Law Attorney & How Can They Help Used Car Buyers?

Most states have enacted some type of Lemon Law legislation in order to protect consumers in their state from these types of buyer purchases that come with unknown serious damage to the car. It can be difficult to get compensation after the sale is finalized. However, the Lemon Laws in your state may offer another legal solution. Used car buyers who begin to notice ongoing mechanical problems should contact an attorney familiar with these laws as soon as possible for best end results.

All Legal Stipulations Must Be Followed with Lemon Law Regulations

Illinois has added some strict stipulations that used car buyers must follow to get compensation under the current Lemon Laws. This includes having the car in the shop for repairs and giving the original car owner the chance to make things right. Although this can be frustrating and time-consuming, it is possible to obtain either a refund, another car of equal value or the cost of repairs. Contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law CenterĀ® by visiting their website.