Why Backhoes Are Superior Over Other Rental Equipment

Moving around large amounts of material is obviously something that cannot be done by your friends and a few shovels. Since owning a backhoe is a huge expense for small projects, renting one is pretty much the only option. Luckily, backhoe rentals in Fayetteville GA, or any Georgia city, is widely available.

Precision Tools

Backhoes have the advantage of being able to move within tight spaces. Heavier duty equipment like bulldozers are not maneuverable enough and overkill for small properties. The mix of agility and power that backhoes have are why they are one of the most commonly rented machines for residential projects.

Equipment rentals in Fayetteville GA are also much cheaper than other much larger machines. There is no reason to waste money on overkill machines like bulldozers if backhoes can perform the same job within the same time frame.

The smaller body of the backhoe allows for fewer vibrations which mean less chance of spillage. The vibration reduction makes sure that other structures in the vicinity are not disturbed by the noise or turbulence, which is yet another reason why backhoes are a preferred machine in densely populated residential areas.


Backhoes have the design of both digging and trenching with the ability to quickly switch between the two. Landscaping, material hauling, digging, debris clearing, and many more activities are capable with just a backhoe. Many alternatives, such as bulldozers or front end loaders, may be able to perform multiple tasks, but few can do them as effectively as a backhoe.

Backhoe rentals are extremely popular for these reasons, though this does not necessarily mean that they are your only option. Be sure to consider the job ahead of you before deciding which tool is best.