Why Sealing Your Granite Countertops Is Important

There are many different options in countertops, and not all require the same level of care and maintenance. Unfortunately, many people in Eagan, MN, still assume that natural stone countertops are different to maintain and hard to keep looking new and shiny.

The truth of the matter is that granite countertops are a very low maintenance and easy to clean countertop option. The secret is to make sure the granite is sealed upon installation and is then sealed every two to three years after.

What is Sealant?

The sealant used on granite countertops is a liquid or a spray that is applied to the surface and allowed to dry. IT is made of polymers that penetrate the surface of the stone and create a durable barrier that prevents moisture from getting into the stone.

When the sealant is applied, it dramatically reduces the risk of any staining of the countertop. It also helps to prevent bacteria or microorganisms from remaining on the surface.

How Often to Apply Sealant?

Most Eagan, MN, homeowners will only need to apply a sealant to their granite countertops every two to five years. The amount of use of the countertop will have an impact on how long the protective coating lasts.

A good test to use is to put a few small drops of water on the surface of the granite. If it is absorbed, the sealant needs to be replaced. This can be a simple do-it-yourself job, or you can call in a natural stone countertop company to do the process for you.