Why You Should Consider Prescribing a Holter Monitor for Patient Health

If you have diagnosed your patient with a heart issue, then it may be in your best interests to have them wear a device known as a Monitor Holter. This device is well-known among the medical community and comes highly recommended. Here are a few of the reasons why this is so.


Being portable is one of the biggest advantages that the Holter Monitor has. It is small and very lightweight. Patients have reported loving it because they can wear it for the prescribed amount of time that has been given and still go about their daily routine.


While wearing the device, the patient’s heart is monitored so that the device can gauge if the condition of the heart is normal or not. This has the potential to be lifesaving for the patient. Without this device, it can be very difficult to monitor for abnormalities in real-world settings.


Unlike an ECG, which is only attached to the heart for a short period of time, the Monitor Holter is attached to the heart for a much longer time. This gives the device a long time to gauge the rhythm of the heart which, in turn, makes it more reliable for doctors to base their recommendations on.

Activity Levels

The monitor goes a long way toward letting the doctor know just how much activity the patient should be allowed to do. An appropriate level of exercise or other strenuous activity can be prescribed to the patient so that they can still remain as fit as possible