You Can Customize Your Kids Leotards with Garland Activewear

Are you looking for athletic leotards that can convey some sense of fashion and personality? Garland Activewear is here to break the mold and move forward with leotards that are both high-quality and can meet the personal preferences of all who use them.

What We Offer

Garland Activewear is dedicated to providing kids gymnastics leotards with access to a wide variety of styles that meet your individual preferences. Perhaps you are in the market for gymnastics leotards for the entire team. We can create them for you. We specialize in providing custom kids gymnastics leotards for workouts, meets and competitions. We even have a range of leotards that are not custom made, but offer the same quality at affordable prices. We also offer wholesale leotard sales and provide risk-free consignment sales of kids’ gymnastics leotards to both pro-shops as well as any-sized gymnastics meet.

How it All Started

Garland Activewear was created out of an idea from its owner, Connie Garland. Her daughter was involved in gymnastics but was discouraged because she was unable to find any gymnastics leotards that offered any sense of fashion. After looking without any success, Connie decided to turn that problem into an idea that has now become the company Garland Activewear. She began by making gymnastics leotards for her daughter. Then word quickly got around when other gymnasts saw what her daughter was wearing and decided they wanted to look fabulous as well. Out of demand, a company was born in the 1980s. Today it still offers quality customer service and strives to meet the wants and needs of all its customers. Via the internet, Garland Activewear is able to offer its products to people all over the United Sates as well as the world.

Contact Us for More Information

Visit Garland Activewear for more information about our custom kids gymnastics leotards. If you choose to subscribe over the internet, we will also send you some discount coupons you can use with your purchases.