2 Things You Will Need to Build Your Own Pull-Out Rack in Michigan

You have been looking for ways to organize your spices and your pantry. So, organizing your kitchen will take top priority for your Michigan home this year. Perhaps you have heard about pull-out spice racks or cabinets and are convinced that you will need a few of them for your kitchen. You may have searched online but cannot find the perfect pull-out rack to fit in those nooks around your kitchen. Here are 2 things you will need to DIY your very own custom pull-out rack or cabinet.


One of the main things you will need is wood to form the frame. Depending on your measurement needs, a 2-foot pull out rack with a width of 3 ½ inches should suffice to fit several small bottles of spices or pantry items.

Caster Wheels

Another piece of hardware you will need are caster wheels. Caster wheels will not only provide stability to the pull out rack or cabinet, but it will also provide mobility and functionality. There are a variety of caster wheels to choose from, but you may want to consider acquiring a heavy-duty set that includes brakes.

Top Quality Caster Wheels

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