What Are Some Common Signs of a Herniated Disc That You Should Know?

You often need to visit a car accident injury clinic in Ocala after a vehicle crash. A herniated disc is a typical injury after an auto accident Some patients have felt the pain immediately, but some injuries don’t show until days or weeks later, because adrenaline masks them. Learn some common signs of a herniated disc.

Feeling a Rupture

The herniated disc has a hard exterior pillow-like layer, or annulus fibrosis, that encloses a softer layer. The job of the disc to is to prevent shock from movement. The pressure from the pain presses on the soft layer into spinal cord nerves causing you to feel a pop.

Sometimes, the rupture gets missed, since emergency room x-rays usually cannot detect soft layers. Request an MRI, if you feel that you have a herniated disc.

Arm and Leg Pain

A herniated disc can affect the neck or back. If a herniated disc occurs in the lower back, you will commonly feel pain in the buttocks, thigh, or calf. A herniated disc that affects the neck will commonly cause shoulder or arm pain.

Sciatica Pain

A herniated disc may cause shooting, burning, sharp pain or tingling in the sciatica nerve. The sciatica nerve on the lower back runs through the buttocks, hips, and each leg. The pain and inflammation derive from the bone spur causing compression on the nerve. The pain commonly moves from the lower back to the buttocks, calf, and foot.

Certain activities, even coughing or sneezing, may aggravate a herniated disc. In any case, you should never put off visiting a car accident injury clinic in Ocala. It gives you the proof you need to file accident claims.