3 Benefits of Attending a Non-Denominational Church in Jacksonville

You’ve heard of non-denominational churches before, but you’ve never been to one. Many people find that this type of setting is ideal for them. If you’re thinking of visiting a non-denominational church in Jacksonville, here are three of the benefits that may motivate you to come back again.

One has to do with the relative lack of dogma. Some denominations have strict creeds that provide little room for exploring the faith. If your past experience was in one of those denominations and it was not a good one, then it will be refreshing to worship in a setting that concentrates on the basics and leaves room to explore the rest.

You’re likely to hear a different take on ministry and who is called to provide it. Many churches of this type have strong lay ministry programs that call on members to take on important roles in the life of the congregation. There is still a professional minister or two serving the church, but the ministry of individuals are wanted and valued.

You’ll find that a non-denominational church in Jacksonville operates with a congregational form of church government. That means all decisions about ministry, budgets, programs, and other aspects of church life are made locally. With no ecclesiastical hierarchy to answer to, it’s much easier to adapt the ministries of the congregation to meet needs in the community.

Before you make up your mind, attend a few services and see what you think. Talk with the members and get their perspectives. You may find that this is exactly the type of church you’ve been wanting to find for a long time.

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