3 Benefits of Having a Security Guard on Your Phoenix Commercial Property

While you may already have the latest state-of-the-art business security equipment, you should also hire at least one security guard in Phoenix, AZ. This is because the vast majority of security technology focuses solely on detecting criminal activity without providing any type of real-time response. Here are a few specific benefits of hiring security guards for your commercial business.

Deter Crime
Even though you may have security cameras mounted in conspicuous areas, they may not have as great of an effect on deterring crime as you hoped. Anyone seeking to steal or vandalize your property will still believe they can get away without getting caught. However, a live security guard patrolling your property will make them think twice.

Respond to Criminal Threats Quickly
Even if you use a monitored system, criminals can be gone before police are sent to respond to the threat. Conversely, having security guards monitor your surveillance cameras will enable an immediate threat to criminal activity. This increases the chances that a person committing theft or vandalism will be caught before they flee the property.

Respond to Safety Hazards
Hiring a security guard in Phoenix, AZ, will also help you ensure you’ll have someone on site who is trained to identify and respond to safety threats. They can identify chemical spills, slip and fall hazards, and other dangers that may otherwise end up injuring your employees or customers. Security guards will report their observations directly to you, ensuring you’ll have the opportunity to address hazards before they pose a problem.