Tips For Designing Kitchen Countertops For A Remodel

Upgrading the kitchen in your Minneapolis home is a terrific way to update an older home. Kitchen renovations can include a full remodel project that redesigns the kitchen space rather than just updating the fixtures, flooring, countertops, and appliances.

Choosing a full kitchen remodel allows the homeowner to change the countertop space and size. It is also a time to add islands for cooking, entertaining, or for multipurpose use, and the choice of kitchen countertops is essential to add the finishing touches.

Upgrading the Cupboards and Cabinets

Minneapolis homeowners adding natural stone kitchen countertops should consider upgrading their cabinets and cupboards at the same time. Older kitchen cabinets may not be designed for the weight of natural stone countertops, which is a significant problem.

Consider the Layout

Natural stone kitchen countertops are custom cut to fit the layout of the kitchen. Working with a natural stone countertop company during the design of the counters helps to create the fewest areas where the natural stone has to be cut and seamed together.

Limiting the number of corners and unique shapes or angles on the counters is another important factor in maintaining a seamless pattern. The areas where cut pieces of natural stone join can pose a challenge for a pattern match.

Adding an Island

If you are interested in an island as part of your kitchen remodel, it is important to add it at the time you add the natural stone countertops. This allows you to buy slabs of natural stone from your Minneapolis supplier to ensure uniform colors and patterns on both the island and the countertops.