3 Signs it is Time to Visit a Pain Physician

Most people do not look forward to the day when they feel pain in a specific area of their body, or throughout. Pain, especially chronic, can be a result of an accident, trauma or age. If you have reached that point, trained professionals, like those at St Augustine Pain Physicians, are at your disposal.

Here are three signs it is time to visit a pain physician.

Head, Neck or Spine Pain

Pain in the neck is often a result of poor posture. From your neck, it can spread to your head and spine. Sleeping in an awkward position can be the culprit of the discomfort you are experiencing. If the pain lasts more than several hours, visiting a pain physician is a good idea. The remedy can be as easy as helping you improve your posture. In other cases, it can be symptoms of something worse. When something worse is on the horizon, if it can be prevented, it is a definite win.

Hip, Leg or Knee Pain

Pain in the leg or knee area can also be a result of poor posture. Maybe when you walk, jog or run, you are executing these motions in a manner that favors the right leg over the left, for example. Visiting a pain physician can help you determine if this is the case. If they are symptoms of a greater issue, they can be addressed before it becomes severe.

General Pain

The goal of a pain physician is to determine if the discomfort you are experiencing can be duplicated. If so, it will be measured. Sometimes, a patient does not know what they are experiencing, or how often. This physician gets to the bottom of your concern.

The St Augustine Pain Physicians at Riverside Pain Physicians are ready to see you, today.