How to Select the Perfect New Garage Door for Your Home

Are you tired of the look of your garage door? Or perhaps your garage door isn’t working the way it did a decade ago. Regardless of the reason you are considering garage doors for sale in Vero Beach, FL, understanding what to look for will make the process a lot less frustrating. A garage door can give you easy access to your home, but it can also increase the appearance of your dwelling. We’ll share some tips on picking the one right for you.

Options with Garage Doors

There are tons of options when you are looking at modern garage doors for sale in Vero Beach, FL. You can order window sections to give your garage a dose of light and improve the door’s aesthetic. There are simple single glazed doors, as well as dual glazed doors with insulation included. Some doors even include decorative frames that you can snap in to get a new look and feel whenever you would like.

Types of Garage Door Springs

The two types of garage door springs you will see are torsion and extension. The latter stretches and pulls back and is located on the side of the garage door. The former offers a drum and shaft spring and is found on top of the door. The second method is better for sectional doors. While extension springs are less expensive, torsion springs are easier to install and tend to be more reliable.

Garage Door Openers

While you’re having a new garage door installed, it’s a great time to consider a new automatic garage door opener. Many of the new models on the market are durable and offer lifetime warranties. In addition, these openers have safety features that can prevent the door from closing on an item or person who is in the way. You can get miniature transmitters that will slip on a keychain, as well. Some transmitters also only work using a code that you program in yourself. If you want to go really high tech, consider a multiple button remote that opens the garage door, but also some lights and appliances.

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