Garage Door Openers Available at Joe Wilder in Milkwaukee, Wisconsin

You’ve got choices when it comes to your garage door openers.

There are openers that run on chain-drive. And there are those that run on the belt drive. There are those that run on screw drive and those running on direct-drive and jackshaft. Each one offers its own advantages and unique inconveniences.

There are a variety of garage door openers in Milwaukee, WI, available to you when it’s time for you to consider your garage door needs.

Chain-drive openers are sturdy and reliable but they are loud and clanky. Belt drives are very quiet but they can be a little more costly.

Chain-drives are best for pulling the heaviest garage door types which are often wind-rated and heavily insulated. Modifications to upgrade the functioning of chain-drives might come with chain separators in its track that help keep it from hitting against its rails. This can cut down its noise level when it’s operating.

Belt-drive garage door openers are made of rubber with teeth on cogs that run on tracks. Because it’s made from rubber or rubber-like material, it doesn’t cause any loud knocking or rolling sound that normally happens between metal parts such as with chain-drives.

Just make sure the rest of the garage door mechanism doesn’t cause their own noise either such as the parts on its track. Using Direct Current drives instead of Alternative Current also supports the quieter overall system.

If you’ve got questions on garage door openers in the Milwaukee, WI, area, give us at Joe Wilder a call at 262-782-0500. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.