What to Watch For When You Inspect Your Overhead Garage Door in Manitoba

Installing an overhead garage door in Manitoba can add convenience and efficiency to the use of your garage. However, keeping that door in good working condition will require making periodic checks to ensure it continues to operate as efficiently as when it was new. This guide will help by showing you what to watch for as you perform these routine visual inspections.

Watch For Debris
One of your biggest concerns should be debris that gets in the tracks or blocks the sensors that regulate the operation of the door. In addition to paper and other types of litter, you should also be watching for dirt, leaves, sticks, and pest droppings. While these things may not seem very destructive, they can interfere with the operation of the door. Be sure to sweep the ground surrounding your sensors and clear the tracks as needed.

Watch For Loose Fittings
A single loose screw can adversely affect the operation of your garage door. If you don’t catch it and tighten the fitting, this could lead to other fittings pulling loose. That may cause damage to the entire system. If you do find a loose screw or other type of fitting, try tightening it. If it still seems loose, you may need to choose a larger fitting.

Examine Moving Parts for Damage
It’s only natural for moving parts to corrode or become damaged over time. You should visually inspect the pulleys, rollers, and cables on a regular basis. The best way to identify a problem is to watch their operation as you lower and raise the door. If cables seem loose or the rollers seem to wobble, you should contact a technician who is experienced in servicing your type of Overhead Garage Door In Manitoba.

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