Call For Furnace Maintenance Services Before Winter Arrives

Winter is not a time to have a furnace stop working. Furnace maintenance services can keep a furnace operating at peak performance throughout the winter and eliminates breakdowns. These services permit a highly trained technician to evaluate the furnace operation and check for any broken parts. A technician performs an actual tune-up on the furnace. A furnace needs a tune-up just a car needs a tune-up. The furnace isn’t broken, and the maintenance service helps to ensure that it doesn’t break down.

A maintenance service should include:

  • Checking the thermostat settings. This ensures the heating system will keep the home at the temperature everyone wants.
  • Apply lubrication to the moving parts. Any metal part that does not have enough lubrication will create a large amount of friction. This can increase the energy costs of the furnace.
  • Check the electrical connections and tighten any that are loose. They will check the voltage of the furnace. Faulty connections will limit the life of the components on the furnace.
  • The last thing they will do is check the controls in the system. This is necessary to make sure the system starts and stops accordingly.

One of the best things an owner can do is change their furnace filter regularly. They should also not block the furnace air intake around the furnace. Cold air returns for furnaces are usually located through the house as well. These should all remain free for the air flow to occur. This helps a furnace work properly. Furnace maintenance services in Boulder CO can ensure that energy bills will be as low as possible with a properly operating furnace. Furnaces can accumulate dirt within the blower. When this occurs the blower to heat a home can be limited. The heat exchanger on a furnace can easily crack. Only a trained technician can assess the heat exchanger and determine this.

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