Cheers to Hair and Health: How a Minneapolis Salon Is Doing It

Salons are a dime a dozen, so they say. Yet, one natural hair stylist in Minneapolis, MN, is taking a slightly different approach to business. This natural hair stylist in Minneapolis, MN, is giving clients options to maximize their health and their beauty by offering yoga classes, fitness and meditation classes, nutrition classes, and so much more in her salon. You can go one day to have your hair and nails done, and go again another day to practice mindfulness and meditation with other class attendees. Here’s how you can be a part of this new trend.


Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing. Sometimes it includes a physical massage, but usually it just massages your auras and chakras. A combination of spiritual and physical touch plays into thirty-minute or one-hour sessions to obtain the fully desired effect of healing. Book your reiki session to see how it affects you and your overall health personally.

Guided Meditation Clinics

On Sundays this salon opens some of its space up to clinics and classes like this guided meditation clinic. The guided meditation clinic currently offered is for teens who are stressed and feeling the impact of not being able to socialize. Adults may attend the class too. You have to pre-register to join any Sunday clinic, but you may want to register regularly and often in advance to join a class/clinic. Participants report feeling more at ease and more “centered” after they have learned the techniques in these classes.