Joint Pain Options in Jacksonville

Joint pain can often be debilitating and its occurrence and severity only increases with age. About one-third of adults reported experiencing joint pain on a recurring basis. Joints are major stress points in the body as they are the connection between bones. Any damage to your joints can affect movement and cause extreme pain.

There are many possible causes for joint pain including different types of arthritis, gout, and bursitis. Joint pain can also occur in sports injuries such as sprains or strains. The most common areas of the body affected by joint pain are the elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, shoulder, and hip. The pain can range from mild to severe. Joint paint may be acute, going away after a short time; or chronic, lasting for several weeks or months. Depending upon the severity of the pain, it may be managed with medications or physical therapy.

An orthopedic specialist can determine if you need joint replacement surgery by using a procedure called arthroscopic surgery. It can usually be performed as an outpatient procedure, but may require you to stay overnight in the hospital. If you require surgery, it is done through a procedure called arthroplasty, another word for joint replacement, Through arthroplasty, the surgeon will use a process to restructure the joint. The surgeon will sometimes use tendon tissue from another part of the body as a joint spacer. Spherical implant surgery is another form of joint replacement surgery. With this treatment, the surgeon places a spherical ball between the bones which forms a new joint. Be sure to ask the orthopedic surgeon to go over all details of the procedure before your surgery is scheduled.

Recovery may take anywhere from three weeks to several months, depending upon which procedure is performed. Normal recovery times for spherical implant surgery are three to five weeks. Prosthetic replacement surgery has a standard recovery time of three months. Most patients report continued improvement for many months after surgery.

You will want to take it easy for awhile after surgery and give your body a chance to heal. You should make arrangements for someone to take you home after being discharged and to stay with you several days after surgery. A pair of crutches or a walker may make it easier to maneuver until you are fully recovered.

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