Childproof the Home With Help From a Residential Electrician in Sumner WA

At Kraft Electric, the goal is to help make customers’ homes as safe as possible. That’s why the company is proud to offer a range of electrical services that create a safer home environment for the entire family. With these tips, parents can more effectively protect their children from the most common electrical hazards.

Identify Potential Electrical Hazards

Before childproofing the home, it’s crucial to take time to inspect every room for potential risks. Be sure to check everything just above ground level, including areas behind furniture, above dressers, and near countertops. A Residential Electrician in Sumner will help parents create a detailed list of hazards, and they will address them efficiently.

Childproof Electrical Outlets

One of the easiest ways to childproof a home is to cover up any unused outlets. Because small children often poke objects and fingers into open electrical outlets, the simple installation of outlet caps or safety plates will go a long way toward preventing serious electrical shocks.

Safeguard Power Strips

Another easy way to prevent injury is to install a power strip cover that prevents children from removing and playing with wires. A power strip cover is easily wrapped around the strip, leaving enough room for cords to protrude from either end. These covers don’t cost much, but they’re a solid investment in child safety.

Secure Electrical Cords

If there are numerous electrical cords around the home, it’s highly likely that children will try to play with them at some point. To prevent small children from dislodging the prongs from an electrical outlet, be sure to tuck them safely out of reach. However, if a cord is especially long, consider coiling it up and zip tying it into a neat bundle.

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Parenthood comes with a long list of jobs and responsibilities, but making the home safe for little ones is one of the most important things a parent can do. If customers want to learn more childproofing tips, or if they need to hire a Residential Electrician in Sumner WA, they can call or visit the website.