Three Different Signs You Might Need Pump Motor Repair in New Jersey

Although pumps and motors are two separate entities, they frequently work together to turn electric energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy forces liquids and gases through pipes to provide water and other fluids to buildings and homes.

However, you don’t need to understand mechanics to know when your pump motor isn’t working. Whether water won’t come out of a single faucet or your entire building needs maintenance, it’s important to know about quality pump motor repair in New Jersey. Especially when you’re in an emergency situation. Here are some less obvious signs your pump motor needs repaired that you might miss.


If your pump motor is located in a large building, it might be hard to notice odd sounds. Or, on the other hand, if you’re unfamiliar with the sounds a motor normally makes, you could confuse humming with sounds produced by normal operation. Either way, this subtle noise could be a sign that your capacitor has failed.

Leaking Water

Stumbling upon a water leak, big or small, can easily become a stressful situation. Especially if it’s a small leak that went unnoticed for a while. If the water leak is accompanied by a grinding or screeching sound, it could be time to replace the motor bearings in your pump.

Pops and Clicks

Different from humming or screeching, this is a sound that’s fairly easy to identify. This could be a sign of electric failure inside your pump. There could be a variety of reasons for electrical failure, so in this situation it’s probably best to contact an electrician.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the potential signs you need to repair your pump motor. If you suspect something is going wrong with your motor, it’s always safest to contact a professional–especially in an emergency situation. Make sure you know how to contact a quality company that provides pump motor repair in New Jersey.