Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing in Fort Collins CO

Whether it’s a new home under construction or the replacement of an existing roof, it’s important to consider the different materials that are available. With many benefits to enjoy, homeowners are turning to metal roofing. Those that are wondering what the advantages of metal roofing are can find additional information here to help with their decision.

Enhanced Longevity

When compared to the other options, metal roofs offer enhanced longevity. Depending on the brand of material, some of the roofs can last a lifetime. Compare this to the expected life of an asphalt roofing being about 20 years. Since the lifespan is longer, there will be no need to worry about a replacement anytime soon. This will end up saving the homeowner money in the long run. If there is ever a decision to put the home on the market, having a metal roof will be a big selling factor.

Easy to Maintain

A metal roof is much more resistant to damage from the elements. Metal roofing in Fort Collins CO can withstand the sun’s ultra-violet rays, strong winds, and heavy rains easily. As a result, they need less maintenance than other materials that are available. However, it is still a good idea to have any roof inspected every year or two to ensure it doesn’t need any repairs.


A metal roof can resist fires more effectively than asphalt or wood materials. Even in the event of a lightning strike or a fire nearby, the metal roof will not ignite. Wood shingles, on the other hand, can lead to dangerous situations in the event of a fire. Enjoy the enhanced safety in a home with metal roofing. Some insurance companies recognize this and offer discounts.

Energy Efficient

Since metal roofs reflect the heat of the sun rather than absorbing it, the house will not take in nearly as much heat in the summer months. Therefore, the cooling system won’t have to work as hard to keep the house comfortable during these times. This can offset cooling bills and save money, especially during those hot months.

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