Color Trends In Glendale Hardwood Flooring

While hardwood is a classic and very traditional flooring option, there are also different colors and options that are new and trending. The good think about choosing hardwood flooring is that it never goes out of style, and the new colors, wood options and looks soon become favorites in both customs designed homes as well as in existing home renovations in the Glendale area.

In the past, very dark colors and relatively narrow planks where the most common styles in hardwood flooring. Today, many of the newer homes are focusing more on natural wood colors and the more earthy elements of the wood. This is a natural match for a more rustic look, but it is also surprisingly elegant in a classically designed home or a very minimalist and modern décor.

Color Trends

With all types of home styles around Glendale, the new color trends in hardwood make it the go-to flooring option. While the very light dove gray and distress white oak hardwood are always very popular, the look is to go to a wider plank that is more like a distressed barn board. Slight irregularities in each plank give a very authentic and one of a kind look to every floor.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the cool tones that are noticeably darker but still in the gray color family. This can range from a pewter color of gray to a not-quite-black. The natural grain of the wood is still highlighted but more noticeable with the lighter colors.

Chocolate browns are also very popular and continue to be seen as more of neutral option in hardwood flooring. These dark browns are not red or yellow in tone, and some are a combination of brown and black to create very rich and natural wood look that stands out.

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