Combat Advertising Foes Like the Wind with Mesh Banners

When advertising outdoors the weather can be a major negative force to combat. It takes effective advertising using mesh materials that will withstand weather troubles like the wind and rain. Mesh offers up to 25% air flow, which is the perfect amount to allow wind to effectively pass through banners while leaving enough material for eye-catching graphics to be effectively printed. Choose mesh for building wraps, banners, concert backdrops, trade shows and more. They are a durable choice that will last a very long time with the ability to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

The Small Holes Make All of the Difference

When compared to a typical vinyl banner it is easy to see how a mesh banner can outperform in some instances. Of course, both materials are perfect for advertising outdoors depending on how they are going to be used. A free-standing sign needs to be mesh since it has the small holes needed to allow air to flow through. Vinyl, without the benefits of mesh, would just whip around, twist, tear and curl so your advertising efforts are wasted unless your vinyl sign is plastered against a building instead of out in the open. It all depends on your advertising needs. Typically, mesh signs are only one-sided and perfect for free-standing outdoor use.

Print on Mesh and Keep It Awhile

There are many benefits to printing on mesh for outdoor advertising uses. Such an air-flow friendly concept enables you to keep mesh signs for a long time. Set up mesh signs between posts, on a fence or attach it to a sturdy foundation. Having mesh banners created for your business is a smart business choice that will literally pay for itself in the long-run. Work with digital advertising professionals that can help you choose the perfect aspects that make your mesh ad bright, vibrant and eye-catching. Your advertising will be seen perfectly in metropolitan areas as well as along well-traveled roads.

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