Save Your Tooth With Root Canal Therapy

When you have a deep cavity or severe injury to a tooth, you may be able to save it with a root canal in Jacksonville Beach. Today’s root canal treatments are simpler and more effective than those that were done 20 years ago. They are also less painful. When you come in, we evaluate the tooth and your overall oral health. We take digital X-rays in order to determine the extent of your dental decay or injury.

Once we determine that you are a candidate for a root canal, it takes one or two visits to complete the procedure. The number of visits depends on how many roots your tooth has and if you need any other restorative services. The process of getting a root canal is painless. We give you numbing medication so that you do not feel anything in or around the tooth. If you prefer, we can also give you an oral or intravenous sedative. You may want to have someone drive you home if you choose to have sedation.

We remove any infected pulp from the center of the tooth and disinfect the empty chamber. The chamber of the tooth is filled with an inert material. If your tooth was injured, we may insert a post into the chamber. The post provides additional structural support for the tooth. We do this for each root of the tooth. When these steps are complete, we place a temporary crown or filling on the tooth. You will get the permanent tooth crown in a couple of weeks.

When you are in need of a root canal in Jacksonville Beach, call us at Jax Beaches Family Dentistry in order to schedule an appointment. You may also learn more about our services and dental staff by visiting us online at