Comprehensive Fitness Program For Quick Results

When you’re ready to start a physical fitness program, consider choosing The MAX Challenge. The MAX is not your everyday gym. We offer comprehensive fitness services that will let you transform your body and life through our 10-week program. We’re prepared to work with people of any age or fitness level, and we’ll provide you with nutritional counseling, fitness classes, and motivation. In addition to working with a personal trainer, you’ll also have access to a success coach.

Our physical fitness program is backed with a 100% money back guarantee. We’re confident that our program can help you make lasting changes to your life so that you can feel better, have more energy, and be more fit. Whether you need help learning how to make smart choices while you’re shopping or want to make sure you’re doing exercises correctly, we’ll be there for you.

Our instructors will break down each exercise so that you can understand how to perform it properly. To let you make the most of your physical fitness program Brooklyn NY, we can help you modify different movements so that you can reach your own highest potential.

The MAX is much different than a gym. Our clients are treated respectfully at all times, and we make it easy to come in for classes by offering them throughout the day. We combine cardio with strength training so that your body burns fat while building muscle and strength. Our classes can be modified to suit your current level of fitness.

There are many reasons to start a fitness program. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our programs in a clear and honest fashion. To set up an appointment, call the max challenge of bay ridge brooklyn today and learn more about how we could transform your body and life.