As a triathlete, you need to push your body to perform its best. That’s why regular intake of quality nutritional supplements and fuels is important under a sensible nutrition and fueling system. Just to sustain good health, a triathlete requires more nutrients than the average person. But, of course, your objective is not just to stay healthy within an acceptable level but to attain superior health. Aside from this, you want your body to perform at its peak both during training and actual races, allowing you to enjoy your sport and become successful at it.

There are many different triathlon nutrition supplements that would benefit triathletes. Getting proper nutrition is vital not only during a particular triathlon event but also before and after the competition. The best way for triathletes to take care of their bodies is to maintain a healthy and nutritionally-balanced diet and to get ample rest and time for recovery in between training sessions. Taking certain triathlon nutrition supplements may help make recovery faster between races as well as help boost strength and performance.

Three areas that are particularly important to supplement for a triathlete are:

Fluid Intake

Drinking anywhere from 500 up to 750 ml every hour will satisfy the hydration needs of most athletes performing under almost any condition. Not drinking enough fluid will cause you to become dehydrated and this will be both unpleasant and detrimental to your performance. On the other hand, drinking way too much can also cause problems and can even be life-threatening. It depends on your activity and external conditions such as if it’s very hot outside if you need to drink more or less. Also note that increasing fluid intake often requires increasing your electrolyte level too.


Replenishing the electrolytes in your body is as important as keeping yourself hydrated and energized because these substances are critical for the maintenance of bodily performance and many body functions, including the proper contraction of the muscles. Many athletes either don’t pay enough attention to their electrolyte levels or they mistakenly think that replenishing their sodium level is the same thing as electrolyte replenishment. To resupply your electrolyte to satisfactory levels, you will need to replenish sodium along with other minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Electrolyte capsules and energy drinks are effective triathlon nutrition supplements to address depleted electrolytes.


When workouts or training enters the second hour and more, taking supplemental protein is recommended to fulfill at least 5 percent up to 15 percent of the body’s energy needs without the risk of lean muscle loss. Including some protein (3 to 10 grams) in your triathlon nutrition supplements is ideal for long training sessions or races to meet energy requirements.