Simple Way to Increase Family/Home Safety with Ingenious First Alert Products

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Security

Unfortunately, unexpected events can cause great harm to our family members or valued and cherished property. These events can include house fires or related emergency like unseen and unscented carbon monoxide build up inside the home. There is a simple way to increase both your family and home safety levels by utilizing some ingenious first alert products now on the market. These smoke detectors, carbon monoxide indicators and other fire-related safety products and equipment can not only save your valued property, it can save the lives of anyone trapped inside when a fire or other emergency occurs. A standard battery powered carbon monoxide alarm is just one affordable example.

Don’t wait for a disaster to strike before making the appropriate preventative plans and implementing them. A single low-cost battery powered carbon monoxide alarm can detect the presence of this deadly gas and alert the people inside of the building to get outside. There are also many other innovative products able to meet the exact safety needs of each family home, apartment or other building complex perfectly. Some examples are 3 in 1 fire alarms that combines the technologies of your home Alexa and speaker systems to provide timely alerts for fire, smoke or carbon monoxide detection.

Other alarms feature handy voice activated prompt commands that can indicate where the fire is and how to get safely away. This option is fantastic for families with younger children, elderly individuals and others that could benefit from verbal cues over just an alarm sound. There are also unique fire extinguishers, 2nd floor outside fire escape ladders, smaller detection units and more fire safety products. Whether interested in a reduced price battery powered carbon monoxide alarm or wanting to safety-proof your whole home, the friendly folks at First Alert Inc. are available at

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