Delivery Revolution: How to Protect Your Delivered Packages Better

More people are getting packages in the mail. People are getting everything, from toys to big-ticket items like computers, but this also makes packages target criminals, which means it’s vital to protect your things.


One thing you can do is make sure you track every package. If you have to pay a little more to track your deliveries, it may be worth it. Make sure that each package is not only tracked but that you’re notified with updates. If you get a ‘delivered’ update on your phone, you can go retrieve your package before anyone tries to steal it.

Porch Camera

It might be time to install a porch security camera. You want to be able to see the people coming to your door as clearly as possible. Make sure you let potential criminals know a live camera is on. This could get some of these folks to think twice about trying to steal your packages. You can put a sign saying there’s a camera or something like that.

Deliver Box

You should also consider using a parcel delivery box. These are secured boxes where your mail person can deliver your goods safely. The box is locked, so no one else should be able to take your packages. Only you have the key. A parcel delivery box can look however you want it to look, but try to consider your home’s overall feel. A wooden box blends into any environment. Something about that natural material just makes the box stand out.

Hopefully, these suggestions help keep your precious deliveries safe. Until you figure out what you’re going to do, you could ask a neighbor to help you out by picking up your packages until you get back home.