Greer SC Electricians Greatly Respect the Power of Electrical Energy

Electricity is one of the most powerful and mysterious tools in the world. From a basic reaction in physics involving protons or electrons comes the power to operate an enormous array of equipment. Electricity has the power to charge cell phones and to provide light for entire cities. Electricians greatly respect electrical energy, knowing that it can be dangerous even while humans have managed to control it.

Trying to understand the different aspects of electricity can be truly perplexing for the average individual. Most people are accustomed to getting minor shocks from static electricity, yet they know the serious risk of grabbing a live electric wire. They have a fundamental understanding of the electrical nature of lightning and know that being struck by lightning can be fatal. Trying to combine knowledge about the power of lightning with the controlled power of a cell phone charger can be incomprehensible for most people, however.

Electricity in a home is invisible for the most part, but people may associate it with the color yellow because of the sparks they see when minor shocks take place. They also have seen that lightning appears to be yellow as the bolts zigzag to the ground from the clouds. They’ve seen incandescent bulbs that have a slightly yellow hue when a lamp is turned on. Yet other people will note that lightning can look white or blue, as can spark from electrical devices. How do they answer a child who asks what color electricity is?

Electricians in Greer SC realize their customers generally aren’t that interested in learning the finer points of electrical energy. The customers want to have electricity available where it’s convenient in the home and to know that everything is completely safe. That might involve rewiring an older house or upgrading from a fuse box to a circuit breaker system. It also can include adding outlets where only a limited number have been in place, forcing the residents to use extension cords or power strips. Electricians from a company such as Five Star Plumbing Heating Cooling can also fix light switches that no longer work and add electricity to a new home addition.