What Consumers Need to Know About Electric Fireplace Inserts For Sale

An electric fireplace is a fast and efficient way to heat a room and create a cozy ambiance. For anyone buying an insert for the first time, it’s important to know a little bit about the types of electric fireplace inserts for sale. There are three types and each comes with its advantages.
Log Set Inserts

This is a great option for homeowners who already have an old wood-burning fireplace they want to repurpose. Log set inserts require very little installation effort, sliding right into the existing opening. They can be plugged into an existing outlet near the fireplace. People who don’t like the idea of a cord hanging out of the fireplace should call an electrician and find out about installing a new outlet inside the fireplace.
Plug-in Inserts

These inserts are similar to log set inserts in the sense that they plug into an existing outlet or one newly installed. However, plug-in inserts consist of fully encased square or rectangle boxes for a more streamlined look. This model can be used in existing fireplaces, but also used with other furniture pieces like cabinets or entertainment centers.
Built-in Inserts

Of the three electric fireplace inserts for sale, built-in inserts are the most complex to install and the most permanent. Homeowners can choose to install the built-in using a plug-in kit or have the fireplace hardwired into the electricity. Built-ins cost more to purchase and often require professional installation.

No matter what fireplace insert one buys, there are plenty of attractive options that will add value to the home and bring users many, many years of comfort.