DIY Gravel Projects You Can Easily Complete in the Tacoma, WA Suburbs

If you live anywhere near Tacoma, WA, you are in an advantageous spot for doing DIY gravel projects on your property. The multitude of natural rock that exists as a result of the active volcano, Mount St. Helens, creates the perfect place for quarries to set up shop. One particular shop located east-southeast of Tacoma offers plenty of gravel for Lakewood residents and other suburbs of this larger Washington city. Here are some ideas about what you can use the gravel on Lakewood properties for.

Setting the Base Layer for Your Driveway

A concrete contractor could create a gravel driveway for you, but why pay him or her to do it if you can do that step yourself? Ask the quarry or gravel supplier about the amount of gravel you will need for this project. Be sure to give the length and width of the driveway you are attempting to construct. Then you can put down the gravel layer before hiring a concrete contractor to pour the gravel.

Use Colored Gravel to Fill in Landscaping Near Your Foundation

Gravel beds along your foundation are not always very pretty, but you can make them pretty by selecting colored natural stone or dyed gravel. Then you get both the benefit of discouraging weeds and pests and making your yard look professionally landscaped. You can do this yourself if you take the time out of a weekend to smooth out and grade the soil away from your foundation, lay the plastic landscaping sheeting, and then cover with the gravel of your choice.