Make Note of Who Can Provide Heavy Duty Towing in Newnan GA

If you’re on the road in an 18-wheeler, construction vehicle, or even a large pickup truck, you may find yourself with even more trouble than normal if your vehicle breaks down. That’s because most towing services don’t have the equipment to handle big trucks and other heavy vehicles. If your rig won’t fit on a typical tow truck or flatbed, you’ll often find yourself calling around for longer than it would actually take to tow your truck to the mechanic!

One way to avoid this situation in or around Newnan GA is to take note of and the company’s phone number before you ever need to use their service. They offer heavy duty towing and can handle your big rig or construction truck with no problems. Their equipment is even powerful enough to haul small buildings, so you’ll never have to worry about being told that your truck is too large or heavy.

Once you call for heavy duty towing in Newnan GA, you’ll have the same options as a car owner does. Your disabled truck can be towed to a mechanic, your business, or even your home.

Southside Wrecker offers a number of other essential services for vehicles of all sizes. They can provide lockout service, jump starts, and similar services any time of the day or night. These basics aren’t all they can do. They can even recover vehicles from lakes and rivers! While nobody is likely to expect to need underwater vehicle recovery, it’s a good thing to keep in mind just in case a fluke happens.

While it’s always best to keep your vehicles in good operating condition so that you don’t need towing, reality isn’t always predictable enough to ensure that this will work. Therefore, it’s important to keep the phone numbers of local towing services handy. For the least frustration, get the number of a company in every area you commonly drive through. This way, you’ll be able to get service just by picking up your cell phone and will be able to avoid frantically searching for a company that can move a big rig.