Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Fastener for the Job in Ramsey, MN

When it comes to fasteners being used in certain industries, it really does matter what kind you use. You simply cannot just choose a fastener and hope for the best. The proper part must be ordered from a Fastener Supply company that knows what they are doing. Here are some tips from the experts about how to order fasteners that you actually need.

What Is It Being Used For?

Before you call your fastener supplier, you will need to know why you are using the fasteners, in other words, the application. The application of the fastener will determine not only its size and how many you may need but the material they are made from as well.


The next step is to choose the correct fastener for your situation. This is the time that the knowledge and experience of the company you rely on for fastener supply will come into play. One thing to keep in mind is the type of thread being used. A rougher thread will result in an assembly that is much quicker. A finer thread will take longer to assemble, but the connection it provides is much more secure.

Construction Materials

There are different types of steel used for different types of fasteners. Grade 2 steel is the most common. This type of steel is used for such things as handrails, hangers, and clamps. Grade 5 and grade 8 steel is also used, with the strength of the metal increasing to correlate with the numbered rating.