What to Do to Always Have Nuts, Bolts, and Fasteners Near Me

If you are a backyard mechanic or do a lot of home do-it-yourself projects, you’ll need a great source of “nuts bolts and fasteners near me.” You’ll also likely be familiar with the fact that you’ll make more than one trip to the hardware store on every project.

To avoid coming up short with hardware, you should save every extra screw, nut, and bolt that comes with anything you buy. However, your hardware stash is likely to become a disorganized mess. Organizing your hardware can help you to quickly find the hardware you need.

Storing matching pieces of hardware in empty prescription bottles is one way to stay organized. Peel off the label so that you can see the hardware inside each bottle. Another clever idea is to save pieces of packing styrofoam, and stick your screws and bolts into it. You can also write on the foam, to indicate where the hardware came from. An even simpler solution is to store your extra screws, nuts, and bolts in plastic ziplock bags.

When you are rummaging through your hardware stash, rather than pour it out onto your workbench, pour it onto a paper plate. When you’re done finding what you need, you can simply fold the paper plate and our the hardware back into the container.

You know the value of always having best “nuts bolts and fasteners near me.” Saving every piece of hardware, and keep it well organized will never let you down when you need to fix something.