Explore These Open Houses and Find the Three Must-Have Features

Open Houses In Oak Park IL offer a rare opportunity to see exactly how a certain home feature looks in the flesh. GRT Homes is all about customizing properties for potential homeowners with features that they exclusively love. Homeowners can place a personal stamp on the place they are going to call home, and few things are better than that. There are three must-have features for homes in 2015 that will add some serious equity to the property in a resale. They also look amazing, and that is never so bad.

Fireplaces and Success

Real estate broker Mark Nash said about fireplaces, “It’s a reward for their station in life.” People absolutely love fireplaces, and it makes sense. They are enchanting, whimsical, and representative of success.

A Keeping Room

Many homeowners have a keeping room, but they may not even know what it is. It is often called a reading nook or couch room. A keeping room is often a small nook that exists between the kitchen and the living room. They are becoming common in open-concept homes where the entire downstairs and main floor is built as one giant unit. This means that the kitchen is almost part of the living room, often solely “separated” by the change to floor tiles. A keeping room is an absolutely fantastic place to study before dinner, read in the evening, and stay engaged with the family while also staying busy with something. It can even be an alternative to an extra bedroom office.

Extended Hallway

Few things add distance and scale to a home than an extended hallway. An extended hallway is matched with larger bedrooms. The main hall going into the main portion of the home can be extended by about five feet. This will increase the size of the bedroom in the facing wall by the same distance. It also allows a little extra room for hallway photos, decorations, and hanging achievements. An extended hallway is a must-have for large families expecting grand kids.

What is considered a must-have is clearly subjective, but a fireplace is hard to argue with. Explore these must-have custom home features, among many others, while exploring the many Open Houses in Oak Park IL.