Surprising facts about quartz countertops

Quartz countertops look great in any contemporary home and are also very cost-effective and much more durable than is the case with regular stone tops. Quartz countertops available in Minneapolis and elsewhere are durable and very hardy, capable of handling more than is the case with other countertop materials.

However, they are also very different in several other ways, some of which may be surprising to homeowners.

One thing that might well surprise homeowners to learn is that most quartz countertops are made not out of quartz but from pulverized waste material such as granite, natural stones, and marble.

They can even feature industrial waste like ceramics, silica and glass. Of course, there is usually actual quartz included in the mix as well. Still, this confection accounts for 90% of the overall material, with the remaining 10% being resinous binders that keep the materials held together.

Another thing that may surprise customers is that quartz countertops all originate from the same source – an Italian firm called Breton, which served as pioneers for the technology more than half a century ago, back in 1963.

While many different brands have bought the license to make use of the formula to make quartz countertops over the years, with each other company adding their details and nuances to create something unique, the reality is they all work from the same formula created by Breton.