Finding the Ideal Wine Pairing to Complement Your Dinner

As you prepare to host a dinner party, you may take on dozens of tasks to ensure it goes off without a hitch. Along with shopping for the ideal ingredients to prepare the meal with, you also may consider what wines to serve to your guests that evening.

Depending on what you plan on serving at dinner, you could have a couple of options from the best wineries in Northern Virginia to choose from. You may find the ideal wines for the meal that night by learning what kinds pair best with the most common meats and desserts served at dinner.

If you plan on serving chicken, fish, pork, or any other white meat that evening, you may want to choose one of the white wines available from the best wineries in Northern Virginia. White wines have a lighter and more subtle taste. They complement the delicate texture and flavor of white meats, especially poultry and fish. They do not overpower the meats you serve to your guests.

However, if you are serving red meat like steak, roast, or burgers, you may want to serve a red wine to your guests. Red wine has a bolder flavor and fragrance that pairs well with robust red meats. The meat and wine do not battle each other on your guests’ palate but instead complement each other and make the meal savory.

Some of the most common dessert wines include sherry, straw wine and Rosé. These wines, like white wine, have subtle flavor hints. They are also sweeter, making them ideal to serve with dessert rather than with the main course. To learn more about the wine options available to you, you can find a host of information online by going to the website for the Twin Oaks Tavern Winery at website